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Q: Can I leave the club and come back in?
A: We try and limit the in and outs to a  minimum, but if you must go to your car to grab something, our security may allow it.  However, it is up to the venue security whether or not they allow you back in.

Q: Is there security present?
A: Yes! We employ the highest level of security. Upon entry all patrons will be subject to a search and/or pat down.  Many uniformed security guards are inside and outside to monitor the venue throughout the night.

Q: Is KURFYU open every day?
A: No. Generally, we are open every Friday and Saturday evening. But, our front page/calendar for other dates and events.

Q: What time does KURFYU open?
A: In most cases we open at 7:00pm.  

Q: What time does KURFYU close?
A: Usually around 11:30pm.  In some cases 12:00am.

Q: How old do I have to be to attend KURFYU?
A: You must be in grades 8-12.  Check the flyer/event page for more information!

Q: Do I need to bring ID?
A: Yes! We need to prove your age! Please bring any sort of ID — state ID, license, school ID, report card, copy of birth certificate, etc.

Q: When will the pictures and video be up?
A: Our photographers take pride in the pictures they take.  Once the night is over they usually edit the photos and fix colors, levels, etc.  Once completed they will send them to us and they will be up!  It may take 1-3 days to get the pictures up.  Video maybe 4-5 days.

Q: How often do you have events?
A: During the regular school year we are open on Fridays and Saturdays. frequently check our Home Page and Calendar for special event nights throughout the year.

Q: Is there any alcohol present at KURFYU?
A: No alcohol is present

Q: No alcohol? What drinks can I buy at KURFYU?
A: We have sodas, waters, and other drinks!

Q: Do you serve food?
A: No. But some snacks are for sale.

Q: What type of music is played at KURFYU?
A: Top 40, Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Mashups

Q: Who’s DJing?
A: Check the flyer for the event’s DJ.  DJs change event to event.

Q: How can I have my birthday at KURFYU?
A: Contact us through our website or by phone for more information!

Q: Can I wear a hat/cap?
A: Hats are allowed. However, NO drug or gang affiliation of any kind is allowed. This will strictly be enforced and addressed by security if suspected.

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